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We believe in the many benefits of the hemp plant for health and well-being.  Some of our family members have experience in Ayurvedic medicine, and so plant-based and natural treatments as an approach to physical and mental health is always the direction for which we strive 

Some of our products include topical and ingestible hemp seed oils, flavored hemp teas, smokeable hemp flower, hemp cigarettes, and capsules.  We also believe our fur babies can experience these benefits, so we have natural dog biscuits as well that are super popular!  

Welcome to AnzaFarm Hemp Products, a family-owned business.


In April of 2019, the state of Illinois legalized growing of industrial hemp.  Having an interest, our family discussed growing a small crop this first year, making it a family "mom & pop" business. We were issued a license in June of 2019 and proceeded to start a small crop.

We have learned that every part of the hemp plant is beneficial, from leaf, seed, bark, stalk, flower and oil, and have developed and are developing products to distribute to the public from our organic plants.   

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